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Membership Subscription Plans

Current membership subscriptions except Lifetime membership are for
1 year and automatically renewed at the same price for an additional year.










Our main objective is to bring Latinx studies scholars, students, publishers, journals, associations, community organizations and organizers, activists, artists, and filmmakers together in dialogue and community every two years. As a young association, the LSA and our membership is tied to conference participation in order to foster great community among artists, activists, and academics dedicated to the life and experience of Latina/o/x communities. Membership is required to participate in the conference.

Beyond access to the conference, membership includes information related to job postings and post-doctoral fellowships as well as CFPs from various academic organizations. We have also organized webinars on pressing topics that impact Latinx communities and on professionalization issues as well. In the future and as our membership and conference participation grow, we will have a newsletter, a directory for accessing other Latinx scholars, and links to Latinx journals and publishers who are interested in Latinx topics. Thank you for your interest in the Latina/o Studies Association and hope you will  join us in establishing the LSA as an integral organization in our profession and our communities.


Income $20,000 – $34,999


Income $35,000 – $49,999


Income $50,000 – $74,999


Income $75,000 – $89,999


Income $90,000 – $119,999


Income $120,000 – $144,999


Income $145,000 +


Lifetime membership


We always welcome volunteers for multiple committees. These opportunities offer a chance to connect with other scholars in the field and begin to establish supportive academic and professional networks. These opportunities will be advertised through LSA emails. Volunteer activities may include participating in the organization of conferences, building our web presence,  maintaining our social media platforms, representing graduate student interests and needs, recommending mentoring strategies and programming, and organizing biannual prizes and awards..

Executive Committee Officers are elected by LSA members for a two year period. Every other Spring and immediately before the biennial conference, a call for nominations is sent to the membership. Individuals are free to nominate themselves.

If your university or college subsidizes your membership fee, please proceed as usual with the regular financial protocol in your institution. Please contact Julie Avril Minich for assistance.

  1. Visit our membership plans page to find out what subscription plan you are interested in
  2. Choose one of the subscription plans and select “Purchase”
  3. Enter the registration information. We recommend you use a none .edu email address as some University servers block external emails. Please save the information you enter especially the username, email address and password.
    • Avatar picture is optional, but we encourage to upload in order to participate in our membership community and directory. You can upload your Avatar during your registration or later from your account dashboard.
    • Make sure to read our terms and condition’s and check the box.
    • We encourage you to opt-in to our newsletter by checking the box in order to receive member content like job postings
    • We encourage you to opt-in to participate in our members directory by checking the box. The directory is private and only visible to our members.
  4. Enter your payment information. Payment is securely processed by Stripe.
  5. Check to make sure your information is correct, you saved your email address and password, you credit card information is correct, and your plan is correct, then click “Register”
  6. Make sure you get an immediate “Thank you” confirmation after clicking on purchase button
  7. If you do not see the “Thank you” notification, check to see if you are missing or forgot to enter a field. Check for correct credit card number or credit card 3 digit code
  8. If you see the “Thank you” notification, check your email for further instructions.
  9. If you do not see an email from us, wait a few minutes, refresh your email client, check your spam folder, or search your email inbox from “”.

There are two ways to login to your account.

1) You should have received an email welcoming you to Latina/o Studies Association and a link to login. Check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox. Click on the login link and use the credentials (email address and password) you created when you registered for the new membership.  Once you entered your credentials, you will be taken to your Account Dashboard.

2) You can click on Member Login link at the top of the top right corner of our website. Use the credentials (email address and password) you created when you registered for the new membership.  Once you entered your credentials, you will be taken to your Account Dashboard.

Accessing my Account

Once you login, you are automatically taken to “My Account”. Your account has a dashboard with tabs that you can select.

Setting up your Profile

Select “Profile Details” tab from the account dashboard and edit the fields that are not filled in like your title, bio, area of research, etc. You can upload your avatar from this section.  We encourage you to opt-in to include your profile in our members directory, by enabling on “Show my profile on public Members Directory”.  You can also change your password for your account here.

Once you purchase your membership, process the payment within our website (receive an email notifying you that your order is complete), you need to login to your account . If you have a new account and never logged in, you must first setup up your account. You should have received an email that you have a new account with instructions to set your password.  Please make sure to check your spam folder if you do not see in your inbox.  If you are having issues with login in to your new account, see the other FAQ “How to set up my new account and profile” for  help.

Once you have access to your account, every time you log in you are taken to your account dashboard. From the dashboard, select the Order tab to view your order. Select the Paper/bill icon under invoice column to view, print, or download your orders.

If you have issues accessing your order, please contact
Julie Avril Minich at

Click on the “Membership Login” in the upper top right corner of the website or below this paragraph. On the member login page, click the link “Lost your password?” and follow the instructions sent to your email. Check your spam folder or any filtered folders. Search for incoming email “from”  If you are resetting your password, make sure that the new password is at least 10 characters long and contains 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character.

Login to your membership dashboard.

Select  the “Profile Details” tab from the account dashboard and edit the fields that need to be updated like your title, bio, area of research, etc. You can upload a new profile picture from this section.

You can also change your email address in your profile details, towards the bottom. If you are transitioning to another institution and you are using an institution email address, please update your email address to the new one while you have access to both (old and new) email address accounts.  Alternatively, you can use a non-institutional email address like a gmail address.

You will also need to update your e-newsletter subscription if you are receiving them. Go to any old e-newsletter email, go to the bottom where it says “Want to change how you receive these emails?” and click on ” update your preferences” to update your email address.

We do not ask for mailing address information.

If you have paid and registered to be a LSA Lifetime  member on the OpenWater platform (previous to October 1, 2022) your registration is valid on our new platform. Members with valid membership will/would have received an email from us notifying you that you have been migrated to a new membership platform on our website. The email provided directions on how to login and reset your password as well as basic instructions to set up your account.

If you need additional assistance, please make sure to check the FAQ “How do I login, access my new account and set-up my profile?”

If you have other issues related to your membership, please contact us by sending an email to Please note that we may take a few days to respond to your questions.

Yes, 28 days after the end of your subscription.

Our website utilizes security policies and plugins to keep the website and transactions secure.

All transactions are done by Stripe Connect (payment processor). All credit card  information and processing is handled on Stripe secure servers.

We use SSL certificate on our website to ensure encryption. Whenever you make a transaction, check the URL at the top of the browser. Make sure it starts with HTTPS and not HTTP. Be sure the URL address is familiar ( and there is a “padlock closed icon”signifying the page your are viewing is secure. An “open padlock” signifies an unsafe page. Close the page and report an issue to us.

Current membership subscriptions except Lifetime membership are for 1 year and are automatically renewed at the same price for an additional year. The term of the membership for all members (except Lifetime memberships) will be rolling. That is, if someone joins in January 10, 2023, the membership will renew and be billed on January 9, 2024. Membership will expire on January 8, 2025 and will not be charged.

Membership dues are not refundable and are non-transferable. No application for membership shall be denied on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

All members have the right to exercise their right to vote on the bi-annual elections of the Executive Council and on any other emerging issue that may require a vote.

Membership shall terminate and the member shall be entitled to no rebate of dues previously paid in any of the following events:
• If the member resigns.
• If the member does not pay the amount owed to the Association prior to their date of expiration.
By accessing or using LSA’s online payment service, Member agrees to be bound by all applicable terms and conditions. LSA may modify the terms and conditions at any time, with or without notice.

The LSA online payment service is provided to Member to facilitate payment of dues, sponsorships and other products and services. Member can also pay through a check mail to:

Julie Minich,
University of Texas at Austin Department of English
204 W 21st St, Mail Code B5000
Austin, TX 78712

or Paypal at

Please note, if you pay by check or PayPal and do not use our online membership platform, your member account will take more time to be created.

Member will receive a confirmation once payment has been received. LSA will not be liable for any breach of Member’s personal or credit card information resulting from the interception of such information during its transmission to LSA. Member expressly agrees that its use of this service is at Member’s sole risk. Member agrees that it will not intentionally provide false information when accessing or using the LSA’s online payment service.

Do you have questions related to membership payment by check or via members’ academic institutions? Contact Julie Avril Minich at for assistance. If you have general questions related to membership, please contact Monika Gosin at for assistance.

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