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Membership Announcement

Our main objective is to bring Latinx studies scholars, students, publishers, journals, associations, community organizations and organizers, activists, artists, and filmmakers together in dialogue and community every two years. As a young association, the LSA and our membership is tied to conference participation in order to foster great community among artists, activists, and academics dedicated to the life and experience of Latina/o/x communities. Membership is required to participate in the conference.

Beyond access to the conference, membership includes information related to job postings and post-doctoral fellowships as well as CFPs from various academic organizations. We have also organized webinars on pressing topics that impact Latinx communities and on professionalization issues as well. In the future and as our membership and conference participation grow, we will have a newsletter, a database for accessing other Latinx scholars, and links to Latinx journals and publishers who are interested in Latinx topics. Thank you for your interest in the Latina/o Studies Association and hope you will  join us in establishing the LSA as an integral organization in our profession and our communities.


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