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Places of interest within 5-10 miles of ASU

The City of Tempe is located in the metropolitan Phoenix in Maricopa County, Arizona. Home to Arizona State University, Tempe is known for its active arts and culture scene along with multiple outdoor activities and hikes in the area. 

  • S’edav Va’aki Museum (Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeo​logical Park) An archaeological site once inhabited by the Hohokam culture with platform mound, ball court, and replicated houses. Accessible by the Sky Train and the Light Rail.
  • An easy hike at Hole in the Rock A light but memorial hike in nearby Papago Park with natural forming buttes and a cave-like area that provides an incredible view of Phoenix. Great during sunset, but crowded.
  • Tempe Town Lake (boat rentals) A scenic walk, jog, or bicycle ride is an easy pleasure at Tempe Town Lake. The 2.5-mile lake has 12-foot concrete paths on each side of the lake. The north and south shores of the lake are connected by the Mill Avenue bridges and the Rural Road Bridge. Paths around Tempe Town Lake are open from 5 am to midnight every day.
  • ASU Art Museum  With a social justice and equity lens and the experimental, scholarly nature of the university art museum, ASU will have a meteoric impact on museums in the future. The museum harnesses the university’s breadth and depth of expertise to pioneer new models for arts learning, engagement and innovation that integrates relevancy, trust and resilient communities with museum institutions.
  • Hike “A” Mountain  slightly more difficult than Hole in the Rock, this hike is an ASU tradition with spectacular views of campus. 
  • Desert Botanical Garden Think the desert is all dirt and tumbleweeds? Think again. Desert Botanical Garden is home to thousands of species of cactus, trees and flowers from all around the world spread across 55 acres in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Hiking Camelback Mountain This hike is geared toward a bit more advanced and is further away than the previous two. Parking can be difficult, so rideshare/taxi may be your best bet. As with all your outdoor activities, take plenty of sunscreen and water. 
  • Heard Museum The Heard celebrates the art and culture of Indigenous peoples of the Southwest. Immerse yourself in exhibits showcasing Native creativity and storytelling traditions. There is an excellent and moving exhibit detailing the boarding school experience. 

Local Restaurants

Tempe’s food scene is phenomenal and diverse. Below is a list of just a few options. Downtown Mill Ave. is the campus bar scene with some good options for coffee, lunch, or dinner. Spots with Vegetarian listed as Veggie Options; Vegan friendly options are denoted with VF.  

For coffee and a pastries: 

Cafetal – Great Coffeeshop with true Colombian ties. Stop by for an arepa for breakfast. Veggie Options.

Snakes and Lattes – this hidden gem nestled on Mill Ave is exactly as the title suggests. Grab a board game and delight in some coffee and pretty great snack food. They also have a bar for the evening chill time. Veggie and VF

Einstein’s bagels on McCalister and Orange – Just a few buildings down, this Einstein’s is worth the walk on campus and  much better than the one in the Union. This Einstein’s has an incredible manager (Julian) who has won numerous awards for best customer service on campus. Veggie Options

King Coffee – if you’re taking the free streetcar, this coffeeshop is directly across our renowned ASU Art museum. Grab a pastry, some coffee and then see an exhibit on the way to panels. Veggie Options.

Cartel Roasting – your classic college grungy and hipster coffee shop. Pretty well-known around Phoenix as a place to get a good cup of joe. VF

Dutch Bros.- I mean it’s fast, it’s a walk up, it’s better than Starbucks.

Infusion Tea – you may need to take a mechanical scooter to this spot just east of campus. It’s got an incredible selection of teas and other caffeinated drinks along with a damn good breakfast sandwich. Great place to work if you need to wrap up your presentation before your panel. Veggie options.

Voodoo Doughnut Tempe – If you’re from the Pacific Northwest or just crave some bougie but delicious doughnuts, we have our own Voodoo in Tempe now. VF.

Affordable and Delicious Tempe Classics 

Near Mill Ave:

The Phoenician – Delicious Greek/Mediterranean with fresh cheese and hummus by the pound. Seriously, don’t miss out on the greek fries.  Veggie Options 

Chuckbox – Best burgers in town according to some Sun Devils who return to this spot even after graduating. Cash only

Pita Jungle – Healthy options with mediterranean and global inspired dishes. Veggie and VF

Tacos Calafia – Nestled in the shadow of A-mountain, this place has good nachos, tacos, and quesadillas. Probably the only Mexican place on Mill worth trying besides the small Taco Boys on Mill

Gadzooks Enchiladas and Soup – Take the Free Streetcar to the University Dr/Ash stop, walk 2 blocks West for this spot that makes some pretty bomb enchiladas heated in a brick oven on clay plates (for eating in).  Veggie and VF

Cornish Pasty Co.They have some really delicious savory pasties like carne adobada, chicken tikka masala, and guinness stew. Go with some friends, order a 2-3 and go halfsies. Definitely worth the heavy tummy afterwards. Veggie and VF

Desert Roots Kitchen: Vegan “desert to table” eatery. Here’s it’s pretty good and have a daily changing menu. 

The Original Chop Shop The day after you savor your hearty pasty, hit the Original Chop Shop (the real original, was in Scottsdale). They have some healthy protein bowls, wraps, breakfast items, salads, fresh juice, Kombucha, and all the things we should be eating during a conference. Veggie and VF

Snooze For brunch or lunch, pretty good place not too far from campus. Near Cafetal Coffee. Veggie and VF

Pedal House Brewery – Named Brewery of the Year in 2023, this local favorite has your classic pub food to help soak up the award winning brews. Veggie and VF

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