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Call for Submissions: Proposed Special Issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies

Call for Submissions: Proposed Special Issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies


Guest Editors: Jennifer Bickham Mendez (William & Mary) and Marta Maria Maldonado (Oregon State University)

Deadline for Abstract Submission to Guest Editors: September 1, 2024

The proposed special issue aims to broaden analyses of human (im)mobility within and across national borders and related struggles for place and belonging by attending to global structures of race and/or the legacies and present-day workings of Settler Colonialism, Empire, and coloniality. How are we to understand the relationships among diverse forms of displacement and containment as framed by national and global hierarchies of power? That is, in the current era how are the freedom to “go” and the freedom to “stay” related and intertwined? How might counterhegemonic racial and anticolonial projects interrogate or reimagine geopolitical borders and definitions of citizenship? And how might such projects give rise to new subject formations and forms of embodied agency? We are particularly interested in analyses that push against and extend theoretical boundaries to stimulate conversations across racial and ethnic, indigenous, and (im)migration studies. 

We invite submissions from any social science or cultural studies perspective and regional/geographical area of focus. Comparative, international perspectives are highly desirable. 

Interested participants should send an abstract of 400-600 words to Jennifer Bickham Mendez ( and Marta Maria Maldonado ( by September 1, 2024. Abstracts for the proposed SI will be selected by October 1, 2024. Ethnic and Racial Studies will issue a decision regarding the SI’s publication by November 30, 2024.

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