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Thank you 2022 conference participants

The LSA is excited and grateful that so many members attended the 2022 conference in South Bend, IN! Thank you who joined us. The event by all accounts was not just exciting and provocative, but necessary for many of us as we continue to come together in common cause developing and expanding Latinx Studies nationally and internationally. Over 400 people attended to enjoy the plenary talks, film presentations, literary readings, and the hundreds of paper presentations, roundtables, and workshops to comprise over 100 panels. Over a dozen presses and exhibitors participated in the conference, and we offer many thanks to our sponsors and supporters.

The LSA conference is always an exciting event, which the association holds every two years at different geographic locations across the United States. The conference draws together hundreds of academics, students, artists, writers, filmmakers and community activists whose work is dedicated to supporting, understanding, and engaging issues relevant to Latino/a/x people in the United States. The conference provides a generative and creative space for fostering community and broadcasting the lively and critical work that defines the field of Latinx studies.

Please take a look at some photos of the 2022 conference below

(Click on image to enlarge)


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