Mission Statement

The Latina/o Studies Association (LSA) is formed to further the goal and objective of promoting the research and teaching of Latina/o studies, advocating on behalf of Latinas/os, and using its expertise in order to encourage positive policy change related to Latinas/os. We embrace an expansive definition of Latina/o to mean those long-established communities in the U.S. of Latin American origin as well as more recent arrivals. As such, we are also interested in the connections between U.S. Latinas/os and transnational and/or diasporic Latin American and Hispanic Caribbean communities.

Specifically, the Latina/o Studies Association supports:

  1. Organizing a biennial conference of scholars whose research focuses on the history, culture, and latest data relative to Latina/o populations;
  2. Publishing and/or supporting efforts to publish materials, including but not limited to academic journals, that will further LSA’s mission;
  3. Actively encouraging and supporting the involvement of students and community members in the LSA; and
  4. Engaging in the public sphere and advocating on behalf of Latina/o Studies and the Latina/o community at large.
Statue of the Republic of Cuba with Guard in foreground